Oh! Let us begin by defining the most important word: Bizarre. Haha! While you are thinking about a proper way to define and describe the word, let me stop you right there. Bizarre is strange and it is even more strange because of the fact that it may mean different things to different people. For some bizarre is normal but for some bizarre is weird. This word actually depends on how cool you are. Now before we enter the philosophical debate of relativity, this is not an article about philosophy. But it is an article about different bars that have earned the reputation of being “Bizarre”. Go through the list and you will surely wish to visit and have fun in almost all of them. So here we go:

  1. The Bar in a Tree: Well, Boabab Tree Bar (Modjadjiskloof, South Africa) has a very different understanding of bars; surely very different from what you think a bar is. This bar is actually inside the trunk of a tree. The tree is 1700 years old and in 1993 the owners started using it as a bar and a wine cellar. Amazing, right?  So if you would want to really embrace nature and drink simultaneously, here is the place to go.
  2. All Sci- Fi Fans Unite: If you are a sci-fi fan, this is your dream come true. The bar is called Jupiter Disco and it is in New York City. The menu in the bar can actually be seen on a small and old TV screen. The Djs pack the dance floor and they serve amazing cocktails. So try this place.
  3. This is for the goofy ones: Vampire Café in Tokyo is obviously made around the theme of vampires; so skull and blood is basically décor now. Well, we hope that the décor makes your drink even more, since death is inevitable and all.
  4. For the ones interested in bones: Go visit the HR Giger Bar in Gruyers, Switzerland and it will be one of the most bizarre experiences of your life. It is designed with arches modeled after massive vertebrae and thrones with replica pelvic bones for head rests. The bar is actually at the museum housing the work of HR Giger, whose work inspired the movie Alien.
  5. If you are interested in a fairy infested forest, you have a bar to visit: Elbosc De Les Fades in Barcelona is actually one of its kind. The bar has a wax museum as well. The thing is that the bar is full of gnomes and talking trees and the light up butterflies will make you feel as if you are lost in heaven or something. Creepy but isn’t it everyone’s dream!
  6. Wanna have a drink at a stranger’s house: Schmidt’s Pub and Tobacco Co. in Albany, California is a place to be. It is really like having a drink at a stranger’s place and the place not only offers you a drink but also pipe tobacco and cigars because surprise, surprise, this place is also a smoke shop.
  7. The Time Machine Bar: Way Station (New York City) is actually a very, very cool place. You can get picture in front of a time machine/ telephone booth and have a lot of fun. It is just a low key place with great drinks.
  8. The Spa Bar: If you want to enjoy a spa and a bar simultaneously, then Lagoon Bar, Grindavik, Iceland is the place to go. Enjoy your drink and have a relaxing spa experience.

So, go and try these amazing bars. You can thank us later.